About Margaret Rivero

Margaret Rivero is founder and owner of Rivero Business Solutions, Inc. in Hutto, TX near the Austin-Round Rock, TX metro area. She provides bookkeeping and advisory services for her small business clients and has a knack for sharing her knowledge of efficiency to improver her clients’ business processes and policies. Her flexibility and adaptability allow her to server clients and deliver services in a variety of ways, from hands-on training to done-for you services and everything in between.

Some of the recent projects Margaret has completed includes setting up QuickBooks® Premier for a client with four LLCs, helping a bakery owner catch up on three years of bookkeeping, and setting up QuickBooks® Online for several businesses.

Rivero Business Solutions, Inc. serves clients in many industries including professional services such as consulting, law firms, architects, physicians, dentists, HR consultants, technology companies, and insurance companies; personal services such as hair stylists, nail salons, barbers, caterers, dog sitters, child care services, psychologists, wardrobe consultants, makeup artists, physical trainers, and metaphysical workers; health care services such as medi-spas, physical therapists, home health care, retirement homes, nursing care, nutritionists, chiropractors; construction, traders, landscapers, lawn mowers, interior designers, moving companies, real estate, food service, restaurant, retail wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, and more. 

Prior to starting her own business, Margaret was Director of Operations and Finance for Fairfield Midland, LLC and has served as bookkeeper or controller for several companies, including Wine of the Month Club, Kaiser Permanente, and TeleInterpreters.

Margaret has a BS in Finance and Economics from California State University in Los Angeles. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, traveling to new places and spending time with friends & family.

AIPB member Round Rock, TX Austin, TX

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